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Hawaiian Wedding 20x24

Hawaiian Wedding 20x24
This Hawaiian Wedding Mat is perfect for that special day. A 20"x24" grass woven mat with one 8"x10" photo openings and 6 smaller photo openings, it has intertwining hearts and a cutout for names and date. This gorgeous woven mat includes cut outs of palm trees, turtles and the island chain that exemplifies the Hawaiian experience and beautifully displays your photo memories.

Our photo mats are one of a kind set in a beautiful weave, which appeals to just about everyone who sees and feels the material and they appreciate creativeness that is put into the photo matting. Our custom double mats are cut from high quality grass mat and accented in contrasting sienna. These mats will give your memories the setting they deserve.


Compliment our mats with a beautiful frame. We offer the following frames, as a special order:
  • Mahogany – our mahogany wood is a deep rich color and complements our grass mats beautifully.
  • Bamboo – our bamboo frame is made from pressed wood, and gives our mats a truly tropical look.
  • Solid Koa – our Koa frame is made from the very beautiful Koa wood endemic to Hawai'i and does not grow naturally anywhere else in the world. It is very precious because Koa wood is very rare and one of the hardest woods in Hawai'i. It is a medium-density hardwood and color ranges from light to dark brown and generally shows a golden luster or iridescence when finished. Solid Koa is the perfect frame for those who want something truly unique.
 **In order to assure good quality, all orders that include frames will take 10-15 days to ship.